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Our Virtuix Omni platforms push the boundaries of virtual reality even further.

Crisis VRigade 2

As a SWAT, you must stop multiple gangsters within a time limit. Armed primarily with a handgun, put an end to their underground activities through intense shootings. The 3 proposed missions take you in various environments such as a police station or Tony Montoya's house (icon of the movie "Starface").

Player : Solo 
Age : +16 years old


3 new Escape Games are available!

1) Escape The Lost Pyramid

2) Beyond Medusa's Gate

3) Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time


The VR game of the moment!


Immerge yourself in a world infected by zombies. Move, explore, shoot, SURVIVE!



The Virtuix game of the moment !

Join the Elite Force and fight against your friends in this military shooter.