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Our Virtuix Omni platforms push the boundaries of virtual reality even further.

Virtuix Games

Elite Force

Join the Elite Force and fight against your friends in this military shooter.
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VRZ Torment

Survive the zombie horde as long as you can and get the higher score!
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Red October

Compete for the most kills against your friends or AI controlled bots in a challenging deathmatch where every shot counts!
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You and your pirate crew will team up to collect loot and fight fearsome foes !
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Dead Zone : Zombies

Team up with friends and battle zombies to survive and score the most points!
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Capture the hardpoint to score points and win the game!
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Core Defense

Survive waves of robots and defend the Powercores in Core Defense
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Karnage Chronicles

Fight mobs of enemies, grab loots, and defeat each boss to unlock new levels.
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Coin Rush

Rush through each level while collecting coins to compete for the high score.
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The Exorcist: Legion VR

Investigate cases of demonic possession and use holy items to exorcize demons from their victims.
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...and many more games!


3 new Escape Games are available!

1) Escape The Lost Pyramid

2) Beyond Medusa's Gate

3) Prince of Persia: The Dagger of Time


The VR game of the moment!


Immerge yourself in a world infected by zombies. Move, explore, shoot, SURVIVE!



The Virtuix game of the moment !

Join the Elite Force and fight against your friends in this military shooter.